East Anaheim Community Garden

Moving Forward

Looking to the Future

The East Anaheim Community Garden has many plans for the future.  The garden would like to provide accessible gardening to seniors in the area at little to no charge.  Funds are needed to build handicap accessible gardening beds so we can get this project underway.  The East Anaheim Community Garden has the potential to expand beyond its current boundaries to provide more gardening access to the already deep waiting list.  Finally, the garden is in need of a shed so that we can keep our equipment protected from the elements.  We cannot accomplish any of these goals without your help.

Kevin Matz


Hemant Agrawal


Kevin Matz, EACG Secretary

Wendall Walters

Site Manager 1

JR Kriechbaum, EACG President

Denny Biberston

Site Manager 2

JR Kriechbaum


Kathi Romano

Events Coordinator

Adrienne Grace

Communications Coordinator

Wendall Walters, EACG Site Manager 1
Hemant Agrawal, EACG Treasurer
Lisa Henry
Volunteer Coordinator


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Hours: Mon - Sat 8am - 6pm


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EACG Mission

Bringing the Community Together

While most of the garden plots are worked by area residents and families, we do have representation from local organizations such as the Girl Scouts and FAAAH (Filipino American Association of Anaheim Hills).  Anaheim Fire Prevention is also a participant; they are educating the community by planting a demonstration garden filled with drought tolerant and fire resistant plants.   Recently, the garden provided a plot to Hillsborough School which is across the street from the community garden.  This plot was given free of charge and through fundraising at the school and the garden, we were able to help them build raised beds and plant a garden at no cost to the school.  Finally the East Anaheim Community Garden has partnered with Taylor's Wish to build a beautiful Brick fundraiser and fountain as a centerpiece to the garden


Our Garden

About the EACG

Founded in May of 2012, the East Anaheim Community Garden (EACG) is still a relatively young community garden.  The East Anaheim Community Garden can be found nestled between Fire Station #10 and Sycamore Park in the cul-de-sac on Dream Street.  A hiking trail, picnic area, and horse trail connect us to the greater park system.  Currently the garden has sixty four individual plots that are leased inexpensively to local residents on an annual basis.  Built on sweat from volunteers and donations from the local community, the East Anaheim Community Garden has incredible potential.